Fashion, Friends, & Free Jewelry

¡Simplemente reunirse en tu casa, oficina o incluso un restaurante local y recibir cientos de dólares en joyas gratis!

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Why Host?


Be a connector! Get together for a few hours of fun with friends, neighbors and family members.


Park Lane specializes in offering styles for every taste and budget. What’s your style?


Park Lane customers enjoy a fabulous sale while our hosts get to shop for free!

Five-Star Hostess Program
Recompensas infinitas

Anfitriona de Cinco Estrellas Recompensas

  • Elige un artículo de agradecimiento por sólo $19
  • Recibe un crédito de $20 por cada pedido de cliente. Con diez o más órdenes, recibirá crédito doble $40 para cada orden de client
  • Elige 4 artículos a ½ de preci
  • Compra en la Colección de Joyas Exclusiva de Anfitrionas de Park Lan
  • Recibe $200 en crédito extra cuando tres invitadas se convierten en anfitrionas dentro de 30 días de tu fiesta

What does a host do?

Organize a party

Any time, any place that best fits your schedule and needs.

Have Fun

Your Director will bring the jewelry so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

Get Rewarded

Shop along with your friends and family while you get rewarded.

Sip & Style

¡Invita amigos y familiares a probar mientras tu Directora de Moda de Park Lane muestra los últimos estilos!

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Park Lane Stories

  • “Park Lane offers a diverse collection that fits every style...” - Ashley M., Park Lane Stylist
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  • “Park Lane has helped me give back to my community with fundraisers & events!” - Ashley M., Park Lane Stylist
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  • “Being an entrepreneur with Park Lane Jewelry has given me extra money to pay off student loans!” - Michelle G., Park Lane Stylist
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  • How do I become a hostess?

    Call or email Park Lane and we’ll have an experienced Director in your area contact you.

  • Does my Park Lane party have to be in MY home?

    No! There are countless options for your Park Lane party:

    • In your home
    • At your office
    • At MY home
    • At a restaurant
    • Picnic in the Park
    • Your association’s clubhouse
    • Any local establishment with a private room
  • What if I have out of town family and Friends?

    Include your out of town family and friends in your guest list! Your Park Lane Director will send email invitations with an on-line link to your party. You’ll get free credit for all guests who place orders whether they are in attendance or are absentee guests.

  • Do I have to pay anything to host a show?

    No! Your party can be a simple get-together with a plate of cookies and coffee. Park Lane does not charge a fee to become a hostess.

  • What kind of food or refreshments should I serve?

    Keep it simple! Here are a few ideas that are very popular with Park Lane hostesses:

    • Tea & Cookies - could be a seasonal cookie exchange
    • Wine & Cheese – guests bring different crackers
    • Ice Cream Sundae – guests bring their favorite topping
    • Bagels and Bling – morning get-together
  • How is the jewelry delivered?

    Glad you asked! Park Lane hostesses never have to sort and package. Each customer’s order is individually packaged and labeled with a validated receipt for easy hand out. Plus, all items are gift boxed! Customers also have the choice to have their order shipped directly to them.

  • How many guests so I need to invite?

    There is no set number to invite. Park Lane Directors like to fill their datebooks with a variety of small, medium and large sized parties. You choose which one best suits YOU! (However, the more orders your party generates the more free jewelry you will receive!)

  • How long is the average party?

    Personal appointments and small get-togethers are usually under 1 hour. A typical Park Lane party can be 1 - 2.5 hours depending on the number of your guests

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